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Star TriLuna
For followers of the old ways. )O(

Group Founder: rosmerta
Description: So that those on the old path may learn, teach, share, and grown with each other.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 10
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Mysticism

Topics (3)

go Dreams (0) rawrmeow
Okay, so i have been having weird dreams. Usualy, i can figure out what my dreams mean and i can usualy tell whether or not it was in my own head or not, but lately, i haven't been able to do either. ...

go Divination (6) penta
Is there any form of divination that is better than the rest?

go Merry meet (3) faceless
I figure its a good idea to introduce ourselves. My name is ken im 28 and fron california. Ive been practicing since 1999 and am an eclectic pagan